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Deanonymization because of copyright, whats next?

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Hi all, About an year ago LL changed rules and now they require to know person's real name to just allow him\her upload a mesh. What is next? There are laws that punish for certain expressions in

You agreed to the TOS when you joined SL.  This part of it hasn't changed in all the time I have been in SL. It's probably been there for 16 years now: 4.1 You must establish an account to use ce

How many times are you going to post the same thing, especially within 24 hours? You do realize some of us were awake for your last post, right? A-It was WELL over  year ago, over 5 even, that th

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10 minutes ago, SerenityMeee said:

May I ask how I get my bank to verify my information?   I got this message:

To use your PayPal account with Second Life, it must be verified with a bank account. Click here for more information.

There was a problem with your PayPal account. Please contact PayPal to resolve the issue, then try again.

and have no idea how to get my bank to verify. 
if anyone can help I would appreciate it!!    Thanks Serenitymeee

That's easy, Serenity. PayPal does that.  Open your PayPal account, go to your Account page, and look in the lower right corner, where it says Bank and Cards.   Click the button that says "Link a Bank or Card" and follow directions.

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2 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:



I'm not sure if Cindy's post was considered an official request.... so:   Can I have your stuff?


HEY HEY HEY!!! I called dibs on the first page!!!

1 hour ago, Ethan Paslong said:

be fast... Drake is already packing...

Already all packed up.. I'm just glad it was full perm.

1 hour ago, Cindy Evanier said:

distract Drake with a tutu, I'll grab the rest

Cindy in a tutu?!?!? This i have to see.

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1 hour ago, Selene Gregoire said:

If you're trying to figure me out, don't. Even I haven't [fully] figured me out yet and I've been working on it for 59 years! xD


59 minutes ago, Ethan Paslong said:

hmm... trying for nearly 54 yrs;)  so ther's still hope :)


Apparently I need to adjust my life goals timeline.
I thought this shi- stuff would be easier :(

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5 hours ago, lucagrabacr said:

It's necessary for them to know your basic RL information for regulatory purposes (at least I assume so), not to mention SL is a user-created-content-centric platform where accountability is important if not mandatory.

US law does not require that. Historically, this is because the Federalist Papers were written under pseudonyms. Most of the authors of the Federalist Papers were involved in drafting the US Constitution.

Whether private companies can and should require it is a current political issue. Mostly because of Facebook. Partly because of large-scale trolling from political groups and nations. Sometimes because of people posting hostile code on Github. SL, not so much.

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2 hours ago, Shudo said:

Sugarbaby tantrums! Almost as much drama as furries.

Not all of us furries are drama seeking or seeking attention.   you lumped all of us together,  might want to think about what you know about furries, we are all not the same.


BUT anyways back on topic.   The OP wants LL to go against what's required legally against what the irs has stipulated, what the other governmental agencies have stipulated,  They want to hide and be unknown,  I think truly to do that they would need to stay offline all together,  any place they go they leave virtual fingerprints even if they are behind proxies and vpns,  the 3 letter agencies have become very good at tracking people whom think they are untraceable.  Plus they want to not verify their paypal account???  it's not very useable if  they do not verify it and since I sell on paypal, I see an unverified bid or did a buy now I reject it.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 577 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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