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Avondale - Family RP Community

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City of Avondale, located in Southern Georgia where you will find small town living with big southern hospitality.  Our detailed Mesh design will take your breath away.  With lots of RP opportunities for everyone.  We have Fire, Police, Medical, Judicial and Public School RP opportunities as well as some more laid back fun like our Lake, Bowling Alley, Community Pool, Skate park, Adoption Center and Hangout.  

Hiring for the following:

Police Department

Fire Department

Judicial Services

Hospital Staff

School (Principal, Teachers, Auxillary Staff)

Come check us out today!  We have many homes to choose from don't miss out on an up and coming community! 

For more information you can check us out of Facebook, or our website www.avondalesl.ga

Avondale Fire Dept - Copy.jpg

Avondale Police Dept.png

Avondale School 1_001.png

City Hall_001.png

Riverfront 1.png

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I'd like to explore there but I have to wait until my account is old enough. I'll swing by there when it is though as I would love to maybe enter a community or at the very least get a job (I want to be an SL dentist lol)

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