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CAM problems on sit and SIM crossings vehicles - ACS based vehicles

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Just want to ask, if anyone else experience this problem:

Often I have to sit several times in a vehicle before CAM view kicks in correct - this happening independent if stand alone SIM or being on mainland.

On SIM crossings the CAM view "jumps out" and is fixed/locked like looking into the sky - on next crossing it gets back to normal, on next crossing fault again - etc.

This has never been an issue for me before.

Living in northern Europe ping time as reported by FS is from 178-210 ms, I wonder, if SL lately got more sensitive to higher ping time?

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There's quite a few old JIRA issues reporting this but unfortunately they are not public.

BUG-3492 filed in 2013 reports that what the broken cameras all had in common were:
The camera was set via llSetCameraEyeOffset(); and llSetCameraAtOffset(); OR llSetCameraParams();
and got used in a vehicle. (it did not matter if it was ground, sea or air vehicle) using LLs vehicle engine.
The camera broke after a "bumpy" simcross.
Dynamic cameras could get reset and realigned. Static cameras obviously required a reseating of the avatar to fix the issue.
Lindens reproduced & imported the bug.


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