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Buying L$ Dollars with a Debit MasterCard


I'm currently trying to buy L$ with a prepaid master card and i'm having issues I never had these issues before and i really need 12k L$ for important things in SL I don't understand why this is happening to me now when it hasn't happened in a long time. Please help me fix this issue or something an I can't keep trying my card because it charges $1 fee for every failed attempt. I don't need to keep wasting money on attempts when it's not gonna let me buy the L$ I need for my SL life. Please help me.



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The bottom line is don't use a debit card or a prepaid card to buy L$.  Those options have rarely worked in the past and almost never work now.  There has been a note to that effect in the Knowledge Base for several years.  Since Linden Lab changed their credit processor a couple of years ago, those few cards that used to work have gradually stopped being accepted as people have renewed them.  Get a real credit card or use PayPal.  You can always verify PayPal with your bank account and then feed the PayPal balance with your debit card if you wish.  As long as the PayPal balance is always enough to cover your L$ purchases, you'll be OK.

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