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Sifu Qinan

Looking for an SL Manager for a Performing Artist

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Hello everyone!.

Thank you for viewing this post. My name is Sifu Qinan in SL but I go by my stage name "Switchboard Of Souls" both in RL & SL.. I am an Singer/Musician/Performer. I am currently looking for someone to be a performing artist manager SL. My main genres are Darkwave, Synthpop and Industrial. For those of you that do not know those genres, its sorta like this: I am heavily influenced by bands such as early Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, Clan Of Xymox and a little bit like Razed In Black. . Anyway,  I am hoping to find someone to help me out a little as my Manager. I've been doing this on my own since I first started snging and performing Live in SL in 2010 and I could use a little help with a manager.

Here is my Souncloud page for samples of my music if you needed.


If anyone is interested to fill that spot, please contact me via notecard or you can respond in this post.

Thank you!

~Sifu/Switchboard Of Souls  


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Hi! I would be interested if you are still looking! I am very easy going and i always get my IMs when i am offline too.. so you neednt worry about missing any oppurtunities. Kindly let me know what the weekly payments are. Thankyou

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