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Can more avatars sell in the same marketplace store?


Hi, i have 3 avatars. Each with a personal characteristic. One can build weapons, other mesh elements and other script objects. I'd like use only one store for all 3 avatars. Is it possible? Thank you

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HI Rob!

At this time, it is not possible for more than one avatar/account to use the same Marketplace store. 

A Marketplace Store is directly linked to the Avatar/Account that created the store and all content in the store is directly linked to the Inventory of the account/avatar that created the store. 

You could, however, create a "Merchant" avatar account, send the items from the 3 creator accounts to the Merchant account and then let that Merchant account list the items in a single store. 

Initial set up is not convenient, but once everything is set up, adding new items would be quick and easy.  

The Marketplace also has the ability to add a Distribution to any listing so that another avatar/account is paid when an item is sold.  

So your set up would look something like this:

ZBestDudeStore - Merchant account

WeaponsDude - Creator

ScriptsDude - Creator

MeshDude - Creator

Each creator would send their items, full perm, to the ZBestDudeStore account.  ZBestDudeStore would then change the permissions and list the items for sale in their Marketplace store.  When they create the listing, you can add the creator account name under the Distribution section and a percentage of the L$ that account would get for any sale of the item.

When the item is sold, the funds will automatically be sent to the creator that is listed. So if a weapon sold, the WeaponsDude would automatically be credited with the L$. Same if a script in the store sold. The system would automatically pay the ScriptsDude account for the sale. 

I would recommend being very transparent about the process though, if you choose to use a Store account.  If someone buys a weapon and has a problem, if you need the buyer to contact the WeaponsDude for help, you should make sure you post that information in the listing, otherwise, buyers will try to contact the seller account and if they get no reply, may end up leaving a bad review on the product. 

And yes, you can use the same email address on all of the accounts. This way you only have 1 email address to monitor instead of 3, or 4, when there is a sale or review, etc. 

Good Luck!

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It is one store per avatar.

That means one avatar cannot have more than one MP store under their name.

It also means one MP store cannot have more than one avatar attached to it.


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