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Han Held

An embarassingly basic photography question

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Embarrassing because after 10  all these years I should have figured this out -but I haven't, so here we go.

How do photographers approach making snapshots with more than one avatar? I mean people who regularly post photographs on social media etc. I'm posting this in adult for a reason -I mean for "adult" photos specifically (though it would be good to know simply "as a general rule" too).

Do people hire models? Send out ads? Do they mostly use alts? Is it a mix of all of the above?

Is there a right or better way to approach this?

Thanks for your answers!

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If you need multiple avatars, it doesn't matter how those avatars are being controlled.

You can use alts, that way you have 100% control on making things exactly the way you want it.

You can also ask other people, that way it might be more fun (social) and less expensive/effort as you won't have to customize two avatars for the shots. It could also add variety for your content. If you know someone (or multiple) who has a really nice avatar and they won't do it for free, you can always offer money.

There is no "right way" to it. If it works, it works.

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In the past I have used both friends and alts in picture poses, adult and normal. Also been asked by other Flickrs users to help them posing in a pic every now and then. Just go with what you have available. You can also ask for models in the "jobs" section of the forums (do mention it will be adult) if you want more variation than your alts can offer, or not want to spend money on alts.

For testing out, alts are best, no pressure, can do what you want. Though, I do have quite a bit of fun testing on friends too now I think of it :)

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