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joey8889 Coy

Looking to be a model

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I'm looking to be a male model for, poses,shapes,skins,clothing, etc. I have experience with photography, I do have a sponsored brand that does not pay. My account is 8 years old if that matters?

I have flickr- https://www.flickr.com/photos/137298797@N07/

I can make a blog maybe on tumblr? 
I had an IG i can still use if also wanted

I can model in world also so thats no problem!
Payment would be nice, but i tend to do freelance ones too!  

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Modelling as in "I get paid for having a pic in the latest releases done" is pretty much dead, it´s like winning the lottery to get such a position, especially with a well known brand. Everybody is pretty in SL and those who are good at designing stuff for SL take their pics themselves or have friends who are great photographers.

Blogging could be an alternative...Not on Tumblr though ... that one´s becoming really restrictive as far as I´m informed so there could be issues  depending on the maturity level your post might have (underwear or explicit poses might happen). Browse bvnsl.com, Facebook and Flickr for stores looking for bloggers and make sure you post actively, take good pics and credit everything you wear in a style card including the landmark to the mainstoreor marketplace store of each item.  You will NOT get paid as a blogger, if you get sponsored you´ll get items you have to blog. 

This is a  HUGE scene, it is VERY expensive and time consuming.  Posting "I want to be a model" on the community forum is not how this works.

Applying to Pageants like Mister SL, Mister Virtual Worlds and whatever you find interesting and running... applying to Model Agencies and their training programmes (pricey, too) would be a more effective way to go...Do a bit of research on Google, FB and Flickr then continue inworld ;) Good luck and see you on the runway one day :)

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