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Semblance is looking for fashion male bloggers

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Semblance is looking for fashion bloggers who can create original imaging, written and video reviews and advertisement about our products. Video production skills are not necessarily required but might be a plus.

Ideal candidates should be creative, collaborative, and passionate about the latest fashion mix and match. Also, it is required for the bloggers to have Catwa Bento heads such as Daniel, Stanley, Victor, and Dude. Without forgetting Belleza and Signature Gianni Body. Most of our products are created for the best skin brands such as Straydog, L'etre, and Not Found skin appliers.

Please respond with:

1. Samples of your past written or video work

2. Your Flicker, Blog and Facebook page link.

3. With a notecard mentioning the mesh bento heads and mesh bodies they have and If they have skin appliers from the bands mentioned above.

If you want to be part of our products please contact our CEO's: Dirtylittleangel69 Resident or Alexandersmithreynolds Resident. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Best regards Semblance.


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hello, i am not able to find your shop searching it inworld, i have found marketplace shop but not your blog or your website. I have my own website www.drewyoungson.com and i am curios to know more.

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