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How do I start a group?


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Or, more specifically, https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/creating-managing-moderating-and-disbanding-groups-r48/

A couple bits of advice:

1.  You must invite at least one other person to your group.  Groups with fewer than two members are automatically dissolved after 48 hours.

2.  I recommend that you invite your own alt to your group.  Make them a co-owner.  Do not ever give the Owner role to anyone else, though.  Once given, you can never remove it, or remove that person from your group.

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The links already posted are amazing. Go to your contacts and hit the groups tab. On the column of buttons to the right of your groups, you'll find a create button. You'll get a blank group page and you'll see where to put in your group texture, group name, etc. Keep in mind what Lindal said, you must have a couple of group members, I'd invite at least two friends immediately. 

Go through your roles immediately after creating the group and scroll through all the permissions to remind yourself of what they are. Inviting people into the wrong role with the wrong permissions can be very bad, so be careful. Good luck with your group! :)

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