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jennie Scorpio

[Afterhours] is Hiring (Dancers, Escorts & Djs)

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♡ Afterhours ♡

"What happens  Afterhours, stays Afterhours"

We're currently looking for more Hotties to join our team! Do you have it takes to be a hottie? Well read down below for our lovely incentives!
What we offer:
 ♥  You keep 80% tips + Hourly pay
 ♥ Classes/training from Management
    ♥ Occasional weekly incentives +Bonuses 
♥ Sexy Events to participate in!

Stop by for an application!
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/First Kiss/225/186/2803

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I'm looking for a club to DJ.

I'm new to SL and all that. Account is old but never really got into it.

Then a friend told me she DJs in SL. I've done LIVE DJ irl, been on terrestrial radio, and mostly been on internet radio.

I've got about 7 years of experience and looking to get started ASAP!

I have absolutely no idea what I mean, but I do already have SAM as I recently started DJing on internet radio again recently.

Archives of prior shows on internet radio: https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A"Jude+Connors"&sort=-publicdate

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