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Scifi HUB Director of Marketing 1k-10kL per week

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The Scifi HUB Director Of Marketing Position Sheet

We want to thank you for taking the time to consider yourself for this position. All info will be listed below. 

Our custom mesh sim is waiting for you to join our team!
If there are any questions please feel free to reach out to darthwyyrlok Resident

JOIN OUR DISCORD FOR UPDATES: https://discord.gg/yPejRCw


The Scifi HUB is composed of multiple admin level administrators. Please make sure you are contacting the correct one when you have any questions about rental's or events.

▪ Φ Cyprus (darthwyyrlok)                                - Owner
▪ OPEN                                                            - Marketing & Rental Manager
▪ Brother Kobi (parx.oran)                                 - Sim Mesher (Lead)
▪ Tommy Numbers JR. (tyiler.scarborough)         - Sim Mesher


-Managing Rentals & Ensuring they are full.
-Managing Events (both exclusive and non exclusive)
-Being the first point of contact for all rental options.
-In charge of all marketing campaigns including youtube, bloggers, and other postings.


The Salary will be based on total sim commission. You will get paid based on all sim commission.
Salary will be delivered weekly through the transfer of Linden.
If the sim is making 10k a week, your salary would be 1,000L a week. If the sim is making 20,000L a week, your salary would be 2,000L a week.
This is to encourage growth of the sim. The more you sell, the more you make!


If you have any questions please ask Darthwyyrlok Resident

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