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5 minutes ago, Lindal Kidd said:

Hey...once I almost left a group because I couldn't place it.  At the last minute, I realized I was in it because they were paying me to rent my spare tier.

Only once!?! 

Yes, I am teasing you. :D

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LL has hinted that they may offer an increased number of groups as part of the 'tiered premium packages' that supposedly is coming.  In the last townhall or the one before that, they mentioned it and at the same time said that there were performance issues around increasing groups, though I forget all of the specifics.  At the time, they mentioned possibly allowing people to have more groups, but maybe limited functionality of those groups - as in receiving group chat, group notices, etc... - as a possible way of dealing with some of the performance impacts.

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"Good news. We've increased the amount of allowed groups to 200!

Now that said, any sim you teleport to will instantly crash and kick you and everyone offline, but we've seen the laggy crap you all wear, so we know you don't care about consequences.

Enjoy your new groups!"

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