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Inyur Orbit

Necropolis Radio is hiring

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Hi thanks for looking into "work" with me/us at Necropolis Radio (formerly the Orbit from 2006 to 2016, when I combined Necropolis Radio and Concerts and The Orbit)

I would like to have some DJ's to play on our radio system.   This is a paid "job" as an add-age to our already established radio stream.   Which is 24/7 running with or without

live Dj's.  Its an awesome radio, just adding a few dj's can make it even a bit more awesome.   We are particular to the music that is played.  Our music scope is Electronica

so if you  are a fan of Electro music more than welcome.  Other's can be considered but be aware, I reserve the right to say OK or NOT OK! NO ROCK and NO RAP.  NO THANK YOU!

I m hiring host's as well. So DJ you have your favorite host, bring him or her along. This is as well a paid by the hour of your work.  Up to 2 hours per day.

Let's climb this beast to the top's where we should be already. 

Inyur Orbit

CEO and OWNER of Necropolis Radio

Necropolis Radio and Concerts

Necropolis Radio web page


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