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Scupltor for custom mesh jewelry piece - leash holder

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     I'm looking for a custom mesh leash holder to use.  Choice of leash holders is I suppose personal and having something signature to yourself is rather desired.  Since I lack the skills to create something on my own, I'm seeking a contractor to make something for me.  

    I honestly am not sure if it's easier to have some exacting specifications of what someone wants, or a general idea.  I tend to rely on the artist's skills to create something lovely and only give some general guidelines of what I'm looking for in a work.

     There is not a lot of variety in the market on leash holders, or at least quality ones.  Here are the general specs for what I'm looking for:

1) I do want it to be copy/mod.  Basic leash holder scripts are easy to find, but should I need to insert something for custom collars in the future...and being able to make some micro sizing adjustments to fit.

2) I'm looking for a design with wall wrap around my hand.  I'm on a Maitreya Lara mesh body, and generally most leash holders wrap around the hand below the base of the finger, but not the thumb.  I'm a bit flexible on how it fits, but I'm not wanting a bracelet or ring style leash holder

3) As far as main design, I'm really looking for it to be primarily silver, with a secondary color being black, then anything between the two as needed for shading.

4) Logo - I'm a domina on a roleplay sim.  I would like the sim logo build into the leash holder.  My first thought is the logo in silver as part of the item, with of course, black being the contrast color.  I would want the logo, of course, to be on top of the holder, meaning it would rest on the back of my hand

That's mostly it.  I'll provide some some items here to give some visuals guides.


What might be the most difficult part, is the logo.  Attached the sim logo, white on black.  If you need different colors, I can get someone to provide, and also sent via e-mail in likely a number of formats.  It may not be immediate as I'll need to find the sim's admin to provide the type of format as needed.

If you're skilled in this, please get in touch with me.  I'd like to see some samples and get a quote.  


Penny Pegasi (penny.pegasi) In-World


tearfall-logo-black 1_2.png

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 596 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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