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North Providence Roleplay

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North Providence Role Play

Thank-you for your interest in North Providence!

North Providence Role Play is home to a realistic community based in New York City.

We are currently seeking staff for our businesses in NP, please check out website to apply for our roles found here. NP offers players a chance to create their own business within the city, from journalists to cafes to security to even a club!

We have a economy in North Providence that reflects realism. Each hour you will earn a wage that suits your role and if you do not work, you will not earn money unless you sign on with the job centre for government aid (This would be significantly lower than working). Although the economy system will be primarily used for in-character purchases of products and services, we will b implementing integrations such as rental time purchases and even prizes/gachas!

Depending on how hard or smart you work, you will have a chance at making it to a high social status, gaining fame and fortune in North Providence. Those who reach a certain level of earnings will be awarded the "Magnate" title and perks. Obtaining a special credit card design and access to certain venues.

If you feel like you're great at role play and feel like you could be a benefit to other players we have mentor roles available found here.

We have a great admin team available to everyone, online  to help you if you need to ask questions, make suggestions or just to simply role play. We're here for you.

Click here to Teleport to North Providence | Visit our website for more information. | Our Twitter





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