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3 LIVE Singers: Monday 11 Feb @ Cape Florida Club

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Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape Florida/189/83/24

We have THREE fantastic LIVE SINGERS at our lovely brand new club area:

Monday 11 February 2019



Mandala, a guitarist/singer, is a Rio de Janeiro Brazilian who loves to entertain.  Her vocal style is Bossa Nova (or "new trend/new wave"). Today it's one of the best-known Brazilian music styles.  She is multi-lingual in her songs. When you hear a tune or song you like, she loves you to sing together with her!!



Tribe Chaffe she can be MAYHEM but always a lot of fun .
She can sing classic love songs, country you name it.
She flirts with Rock and Roll and seduces you with velvet ballads.
But most of he likes to sing what you would like to hear.
Check her out: she might be worth your while 😉



Jen has been singing in SL for 5 years, and has established herself as one of the most sought after singers in SL.  

Jen spends her time recording cover versions for her YouTube and SoundCloud page as well as constantly learning new styles of music for her shows.

She loves to perform for her audience and loves to interact. With her quirky British accent and a girly giggle to go with, she is sure to delight!


ALL WELCOME.  Bring your friends and let's party !




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