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Amoralie Triellis

Cross Selling Items Sansar/SL/Other Platforms

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Hello, I'm wondering if there are any legal restrictions to selling designs cross platform, Second Life and Sansar - and potentially outside of Linden Lab. I know that there are very different creation work flows for each platform, but is there anything stopping me from having an umbrella brand that sells the same designs in more than one place? Any insight would be great, thanks!

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AFAIK Your creations are yours. You can put them in SL and Sansar, 3d print them from jam and sell them on etsy. 

The key being that they are your creations.

If you're buying someone else's mesh or texture, then you have to adhere to any bundled licence conditions.

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I have put the same designs in at least six platforms. Of course these were COMPLETELY my files, all made by me. I have never seen anything in any platform concerning EXCLUSIVITY of a design a creator wants to add to their world. 

That being said each platform has varying rules and methods of uploading. Files need to be changed and saved in other formats, Texture sizes need to be adjusted, etc. etc.   

So the mechanics of putting items in different platforms is sometimes complex. 

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Since this is in the Sansar thread I guess explaining some changes needed for that platform would be helpful to folks. 

In general:

Size often needs to be made smaller (like 75 percent of SL size).

Textures often need to be rebaked at a larger size as the Sansar engine is clearer and VR needs up close clarity.  

Files need to be saved in a fbx format.

Item need to have 0 0 0 as the origin.

Physics needs to be remade sometimes.

Complex items need to be joined and uploaded as a single item IF you are selling on the Store. For personal use (and NOW) you can upload in parts and align inworld if you like.

You can only have ONE UV map (or the UV you want needs to be the first alphabetically).

You normally upload textures WITH your model. These can now be changed inworld after uploading.

The typical method of texturing in Blender is PBR shaders.  Regular baked textures will work fine, but there are some differences as Sansar has "roughness" and "metalness", no "specular". 

Animations and scripts work completely differently and at this point you can't do nearly as much as you can do in SL. 

Likely other things I forgot :D


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