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Maid Wanted (Housekeeper)

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Greetings, I am Hikaru Miyamoto aka Harry or just "H" I am a valet or "gentleman's gentleman" if you prefer. I have been charged with the task of finding a suitable maid (Housekeeper position) for my Lord and Lady.

We are seeking a (housekeeper) maid for a large penthouse. Duties include daily cleaning (the penthouse has a dirt system and really must be cleaned) the penthouse must be scrubbed, swept, hovered (vacuum), windows cleaned and tables wiped down. Laundry and cooking will also be added to the duties (when suitable decent looking systems are researched further and available). 

Further duties may include helping the gentleman choose wardrobe when the lady of the manor is not around (which is quite often) serving dinner, cocktails, gatherings and parties. In addition you may be asked to help find furnishings and systems for the household which may involve shopping with the Lord or Lady of the manor. You will also be the head of the female household staff and required to interview other potential house maids, which will reduce your daily chores.

In your role you will be interacted with as any other servant would be interacted with which means no drama on anyone's part and no special attention (this is IC of course). 

The role play is freeform role-playing which in this case means speaking directly to a topic or situation rather than emoting or writing paragraphs about everything. Our environment is interactive, there is no need to state "the carpet is dirty" we can all see it is. Our timeline is present day.


Our respective time zones are between 14 and 17 hours ahead of Second Life (PDT) we expect you will be able to be on during the same times we are, this is something we can discuss and work out as every situation will be different.

You must be available at least 2 hours a day Sunday - Saturday (Mondays off) unless arrangements are made for time off (we understand RL is more important and stuff comes up)and you must be available for planned functions for which you will be given ample notice. 


We run a tight and serious household, that is not to say that we do not have a sense of humour as you will see by the artwork but we are strict on dress code and IC in public chat because we are trying to create a realistic environment. 

Your avatar must be human preferably full mesh, human means human not a cartoon or anime character simply because that is not realistic for our purpose. 

We speak in Her Majesty's full and proper English which means we never say "cause" when we mean "because". You will refer to our employers as Lord and Lady or Sir and Mam never call them by their names. You are expected to follow aristocracy protocol, if you do not know this I will teach you.

You must be in full uniform when working in the main areas of the penthouse, this includes all uniform items such as shoes, dress, apron, headpiece, stockings, etc. no exceptions. You may dress as you please in your off time. The uniform will be a French Maid's uniform as the penthouse is primarily Louis XIV themed. 

An interview is required with me "H", if you pass my standard you may proceed to an interview with the Lord and Lady of the manor. 

There will be a one week trial period, if everything is in order and all parties are happy a more permanent situation may be worked out. There is no compensation if you are not hired simply to weed out people seeking quick money and free items.


Should you gain a permanent position with us compensation will be as follows:

L$300 per week

Uniform provided (or reimbursed in full) 

Holidays and Monday's off,  you must provide us with a list of your holidays as we are not in Western countries and may not take notice of them, that is assuming you are from a Western country.

Holiday bonuses of up to $L2,500 (I will provide you with a bonus schedule) 

You will be provided with a teleport HUD to manage security and go between the different estates. 

A fully furnished private room in the penthouse complete with bed, sofa, chairs, your choice of art work for provided frames and estate rights for the group. A small prim allowance will also be included.

You are welcome to have friends over to your private space but they are not to enter the main penthouse unless approved by me. Child avatars are prohibited as some of the furnishings may be adult in nature.

You will have access to the pool house and garage, there is a large inground pool here and access to Route 8 on the Second Life Highway. You may arrange with me to have pool parties and invite guests, you may also rez cars and motorcycles here to drive on the highway. The house on this property is off limits, it is my home and station. 

You will have access to the boat docks on the Muir Second Life waterways which lead to oceans, you may rez boats here to sail. 

Any and all requests, complaints or concerns go through me, I am the head of staff do not bother the Lord or Lady with petty things and never directly ask them for anything. 

If this is agreeable with you, if you have questions, want more information or to apply for the position, please send a note card to hikarumiyamoto resident.



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43 minutes ago, belindacarson said:

This is a joke, right?

No they payed extra for a dirt system but now they do not want to clean it themselves, LOL... 

However when I come to SL to work with my RL time I expect RL payments. My rates are 12500L$ an hour. Legal minimum wage in my country would be around 2000L$, not per week though, that is per hour...

Your wage (300/(17*250)) is about 7c US per hour... 

Yeah, how about: NOPE!

But let's stay in RP:

@HikaruMiyamoto Your offer dishonoured your lord. You know what this means, right?

PS: this belongs in Wanted, not RP, RP subfora are not for personal ads.

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@Fionalein this is a role play not a job or I would have posted it in "Inworld Employment" and offered a lot more money if it was a business but I'm assuming you knew that or my English is a lot worse than I thought.  It's nice they offer a little money which is to buy uniforms and and things for the rp or offset costs because we know not everyone can afford it. 


@Love Zhaoying That was not me (us). 

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19 hours ago, belindacarson said:

This is a joke, right?

It is in the Role Play forum, so why would you automatically think it was a joke?  Role Play in SL encompasses all sorts of things.

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Anyone else just super curious to see these guys in action? I mean, the RP sounds wicked intense. Too much dedication for me to even consider, LOL, but I'd love to observe this someday and just watch how it all plays out.

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