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Problems uploading a Mesh

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Hellow everyone!, I am starting in the bender design and I am currently finishing a rigged model for the NAM Chibi body.cd6e25dd140d31a99cbb669d06f94c87.thumb.png.f432409ab0877c51035c8fd85cabcaf3.png0665e1be312e4158f1a2c9932e75d2de.thumb.png.f71a45f648adc1605d2649b6356d4e67.png

To my perception the weight of the skin is acceptable, the base body was provided by the creator and the gray model created by me.

i was exported the gray model as collada.dae, and when trying to upload it as a model to SL. I can not include the weight of the skin


I have no idea how to solve this error, could someone help me? thank you very much for your attention.!


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it's most likely an issue with the number of weighted bones. Since Bento project was released, one of the requirements for uploading a rugged mesh is to remove the unused bone groups. I don't know what's the method to do it in Blender with a single button click, but it should be good to remove all bones groups from the spine up

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