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add someone to my linden home


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41 minutes ago, ToniGurl69 said:

how do i add someone to my linden home and give permission to rez furniture?


create a group, and invite that other person to it, give him/her the right abilities and in the about land window, set the land to group use.

You can not give permissions to edit the house or other main landfunctions.( you can not deed the land to the group)

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1. Create a group.

2. Add your own ALT (not your friend or your mother) to the group as a co-owner.

3. Open World >>> About Land >>> General and set (not deed) your Linden Home to the new group.

4. Open World >>> About Land >>> Options and click the box to allow members of the group to create objects and bring objects into group land.

5. Invite you friend to join the group as an Everyone member.

Incidentally, why not make your friend or your mom a co-owner?  Because you can never get a group owner to leave. EVER.  Friends and partners are not permanent.  Moms are, sorta, but do you want your mom to mess with your stuff?  🙄

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