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We offer the highest prim per sqm. 

  • Our prices are competitive! 
  • Check below for our newest landmarks of available land.  
  • Every resident owns their land for full privacy and options
  • Featuring off sim, high-speed jet skiing. 
  • Come for the jet ski then check out the land.
  • Speed isn't your thing? Then just float or swim as far as your eye can see from your very own beach.

4,000 prims, 3000/wk, 1/8 sim, 4096 sqm  4000 Prims Landmark
1063 prims, 800/wk  800L/week Landmark

Skybox space available (includes free land purchase)  
350 Prim, 300Lwk    Landmark for skybox

IM Lexi for the tour and the sports demo ( swimming, floating and jet skiing off sim)

Photo1                Photo2

Off sim water sports from matthewaz  >>   Link to Matt's page
Video for jetski

Please watch replies for updates to what is available.

Thank you!




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