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Coby Foden

Who can change region's Windlight in Mainland?

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I have a small parcel in mainland region. For many months the region Windlight had been set to: "Use Second Life Default". That's was nice.
Few days ago I noticed that the region's Windlight has been changed. It's worse looking than the default one. The main problem with that new setting is that the sun is always stuck on the same spot in the sky. So there is no day cycle at all - and that looks really silly.

Sure I can set parcel Windlight on my place. But parcel Windlight supports only Sky and Water presets - it does not support day cycle. So I'm stuck with that non-moving sun.

So, my question is who can change the region Windlight setting? There are no estate managers here who would have that power.
Is it only Linden Lab who can make the change? If so I wonder why did they change something nice to something weird? :/


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What's the name of the region?

BlueSteel regions have been moved over to EEP & it's possible something has gone wrong with the default day cycle conversion over to the EEP system.

As far as I'm aware, all mainland regions should be set to the default day cycle.

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Looking at that fixed sky name I think you are on an EEP (Bluesteel) region. That fixed sky name as a long list of numbers is what happens with an EEP conversion.

Oh!  And the region name is Kaolin given there too hehe.

Confirmed Kaolin is on Second Life RC BlueSteel so it's been moved over to EEP.

@Rider Linden

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The region settings for mainland Vallone are bogus. It's daytime, although it should be night.

Checking adjacent regions at 2300 SLT:

  • Vallone - Second Life RC BlueSteel - bad - Sun position <-0.87137, 0.00000, 0.49063> (Day)
  • Kama Center - Second Life RC LeTigre - OK  -Sun position <0.34404, 0.84895, -0.40115> (Night)
  • Bronlen - Second Life Server - OK - Sun position <0.20475, 0.87950, -0.42961> (Night)
  • Charlesville - Second Life Server - OK - Sun position <0.21183, 0.87834, -0.42853> (Night)

Sun position was read with an attachment that calls llGetSunPosition(). That's entirely sim side, not viewer side. This is not entirely a viewer problem. Sun position agrees with the bogus sky, so that's consistent, but out of sync.

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