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21 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

You don't have to verify your PayPal account with a bank account, you can do it with a major credit card.

But, you SHOULD verify PayPal with a bank account!  Why?  Because you want to transfer money out of SL.  If you sell your $L and then transfer $USD to PayPal...how are you going to spend it?  It has to be moved from PayPal to some real world financial institution...i.e., a bank account.  You can't transfer money TO a credit card, they are designed to work only in the other direction, spending money.


It is quite easy to spend money that is parked on PayPal, there are many online shops (or ebay sellers) that accept paypal as billing method. Also you can transfer money to a credit card, online casinos for example often allow payouts only to the billing method that was used to to pay them before.

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