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Susana Gontineac

Looking for new opportunities

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My SL name is Susana Gontineac and I have been a few different things in my 11 years of SL.

I'm looking for a new job opportunity after the business I was executive staff at closed. This business was my whole SL and I used to log in only for working at it.

I have worked as a Dancer and a Host when I started SL and made my way to Manager (Event Manager). I don't wish to go back to dancing but I could certainly host.

I have also worked at a Land/house rental business as Sales Rep.

Since 4 years ago, I have been working at a Wedding Business, where I started as Sales Rep and made my way to Executive Assistant, passing through Wedding Planner/Coordinator and Officiant.

I have done some personal assistant jobs and some hosting of events through the years, I love to teach others new roles and to help them get started.

I'm usually available between 1pm and 3pm SL and although it's not much I'd like to have something to do with my time.

If you have a job offer that you think could fit my experience, please let me know through inworld NC (my IMs get capped often).

Thank you in advance. 

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