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Karina Leborski

First vs now challenge

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*cracks knuckles*

Sit down children i'm about to pull out my old stuff from 2007! oooh boy was sl a wild ride for me. no thats not a fun. as you can tell this was my emo phase.



Heres the avatar i mainly used. i wasn't super advanced at modding so when i got a look i liked i stuck with it.1906368469_Snapshot_WaggyTailsIIKitsuneValley(1823931).png.f0ad7cdecd5bbc25d37bfef85bf380c9.png

I can't find this avatar in my inventory and i can't imagine why i'd delete it. most of the avatars i got back then where gifts from friends.


and so, heres me now.




*cries in broke*







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On 1/27/2019 at 7:52 PM, Skiler Nitely said:

This is interesting.  I started to recreate some of my favorite pictures from my earlier days.  This was one of my first profile pictures I did myself.  I couldn't get the WL settings to match, but I like the softer grey tones better with my current complexion.


Very nice shots.  But this is a perfect example of why facelights are sometimes a good thing.  A RL photographer would have used a reflector to bounce some of that light behind you onto your face.

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