Has anyone seen this before? I am using the classic skeleton rig from the wiki library. It's not avastar. for some reason some of the mesh collapses like the weights didn't transfer. I have am using Blender 2.7.  It seems to attach itself and wear ok on the front limbs and that's it plus it's a long way away from or away from the model. Everything works well in blender until I export. I have read about the change in the bones. Don't really know if that effects the export and upload but if anyone could give me a clue as to why is collapses once I apply rigging and weighting I would appreciate it.  A bit of a novice at SL and the SL rigging but it should work unless the collada file doesn't export all of the weights. Not sure. Please help. I have attached some pics.  There is one showing before and after the weights have been applied. The model is there just for reference.