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Does second life allow 8 texture faces for object?

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I don't think the answer is there. That's more about how many faces you can create on a prim that face the same direction. 

I want to know more in regards to mesh uploads. I split each object up to have 7 individual texture faces. But someone told me it can have 8 which is news to me. 

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Yes, it is eight.    The "first" face is called "0" when scripting. 

Edit: I was going by the title and thinking MESH. I believe it is still 8 as that seems very typical on platforms. So IF you had a tortured prim it might have eight faces.  I don't do torture so not all that sure how you would get to eight LOL. 


Nope I was wrong. It is at LEAST nine (on a prim - not a mesh object). So there are BOTH answers. 



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