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I am logged into SL 24/7..i went to bed as usual only to wake in a completely different avatar ...ie..im demon and woke up in a firkin animated bunny avatar...how as this happened..even though im logged in still...can someone get into your inv. and change you or whats happened...im 11 SL years old and this has never happened to me

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Did the bunny look like this?


This is one of the Library avatars - Library -> Clothing -> Older Outfits -> Animal Avatar Bunny.

If you click an app/wear_folder link in chat/profile/group notice that's pointing to this outfit folder then your outfit will be replaced with the bunny.
It's a common joke people play on each other, especially around Easter time.

Another possibility is you have RLV enabled & have a relay set to allow access to someone/anyone to change your outfit.


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