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On 8/4/2020 at 9:05 AM, estherbyrne said:

I was locked down by my former Master so I could not teleport away, inventory blocked so I could not dress, talk to anyone but him, blindfolded and gaged etc.

Then he would teleport away to do something else or log off leaving me trapped.

It isn't cheating to know how to get RLV off when it is being misused.

RLV really isn't needed since most adult furniture comes with cuffs build in or find a pair on marketplace. 

All it takes is a little roleplaying. 

Thank you Drakonadrgora Darkfold for sharing this. 

You are very welcome.  I try to help when I can to debunk what myths and deceptions and  misconceptions or misinformation I can.  So people's second lives are ruined by abusive people...lying to them or playing head games against the other persons desires or consent. 

There are a lot of abusive disrespectful untrustworthy wannabe dumbinants and mastas here in sl.. the more tools you have to protect yourself from them the better your experience will be.

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