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Syn Anatine

Premium renewal date?


Hi there,

live chat isn't there right now so I figured I might as well ask you smart folks, maybe I have overlooked something important x3

Basically, I can't figure out when my yearly premium membership is going to renew. Here's a few basics of why I don't know:

- I did not think to write the date down nor saved any transaction histories
- I purchased it from my $ escrow after selling Linden so I can't check my CC history since it won't be there
- I can't find it anywhere in the SL options on the website, I am kind of surprised they do not let you know when your premium runs out (unless I derped and overlooked it).

Do I need to wait for livechat to open up tomorrow or is there another way I might not have realized/thought of to check? Thanks!

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Login to secondlife.com and in the menu on the left hand side, choose Account and then Account Summary.
In the information that is display on the right of the menu is a field called "Next billing renewal date".

That is the information you are looking for.

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