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Hello Guys,

I don't know if my question is silly, but here we go.
Im trying to make some Unrigged Alpha Hair, and I don't have success on the process.
I cannot create Alpha Layers, the result is the same that we always had on SL with Alpha Textures.
I try the process with several image formats, PNG, TGA and Alpha Blend and Mask, but nothing works.
I believe that I miss something and I would like to ask for help.

Thank you in advanced.

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A picture or few of your "failed" attempt might be helpful in diagnosing what is wrong. Also, it maybe helpful to know what program you are using to make the mesh with.

If it is the alpha sorting glitch (as seen here)...

 You can either...

Mix alpha blending with alpha masking to minimize the glitching. For example, your first layer of hair pieces will be alpha masking and the second layer (if not overlapping) will be alpha blending.


Do what the person suggested at the end of the above post and in here...

 Order the vertex indices so that the outer meshes appear "on top". Inner/top meshes will have a lower index, while the outer/bottom meshes will have a higher one. Yes, that second post refers to rigged meshes, but I believe this works for unrigged meshes as well. I tried it with my own not-so-great hair example...


It's hard to portray in a static image, but the pieces I mean to be on the outside render on the outside and there is no thrashing between these pieces.

If you have Blender, you can do this by the "Sort Mesh Elements" tool. More on that tool here...

Miscellaneous Editing Tools on the Blender Manual


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4 hours ago, Pirschjaeger Fassbinder said:

Thank you so much,

Im a Blender User.

I tried the Sort Mesh on Blender, but some reason don't work well for me. I believe that I need to stud more this tool to understand better.
The good news is that I tried the Alpha Mask between the Hair layer and this work pretty well.

Will keep my eyes on this Process, and update if I have some news.

On picture you can see the results.

Thank you So much 😀😀😀😀



alpha hair.jpg

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