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Go to your Dashboard and click 'Land Manager' on the left side and then click 'Land Use Fees'.  In the bottom center section, make sure the radio button selected is the very last one.  If not and if it won't let you select it, then you either did not really abandon all of your land or you have tier donated to a group somewhere.  Above 'Land Use Fees' on the left, click 'Group Land'.  That will list all of your groups and show any tier donations made to them.  If you truly are not currently using any tier and still cannot do a Downgrade, you'll need to talk to LL.  Since you are still Premium, you can use the Live Chat feature for that.   Finally, as Ethan mentioned, your remaining Premium benefits remain until the current paid membership expires.  And, as Ethan mentioned, if you did use any tier over the Premium 1024 within the current tier billing cycle, you will have one more bill to pay - tier is billed in arrears.

Start Live Chat: https://support.secondlife.com/start-chat/
  Live Chat is available 6am to 3pm PST every day.

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40 minutes ago, Roshambo Dench said:

I abandoned land and no longer want to be a premium membership but it will not let me downgrade. Please advise.

your membership will last till the last day you already paid for. Subscriptions won't end before that, and also no refunds are given.
If you can't downgrade, you can check if you perhaps have some tier/land donated to a group. Even when the group has no land, but you have it donated, the system won't let you downgrade.
You can check your groups at your dashboard, landmanager.
If you own land above your free tier level, you'll still have to pay for that use for the whole month of your billingcycle. If this is the case, do not remove your payment method, when LL bills you and they can't get their money, your account will get on hold after a while.

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