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saara Christenson

Small Stable/Riding School RP

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We are a newly opened riding school/stable and are looking for roleplayers!

We do lessons for all rider levels from beginners to pros. We find the perfect horse for every riders skill level and make sure the chemistry is right.

We currently also have 8 stalls available for rent.

You can rent a stall as a horse or as an owner, for your horse.
If you come to live here as a horse without an owner, you can choose wether you want to be a private horse (only ridden by specific people) or a lesson horse.
If you bring your own horse and rent a stall for them, you can choose if they can be used for lessons.

Our stall spots are full service spots, meaning horses get fed, exercised (if you want) and otherwise taken care of by our staff. Our stalls also come fully equipped, but have room to add a few personal touches.

Find out more information By IM'ing me inworld or commenting on this post!

Hope to see you soon! ^w^




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6/10 stalls left! (2 are for our own use which is why the original post says 8)

We also take pasture horses if you don't want to rent a stall, meaning you get the same treatment/exercise/feeding etc. only you live mainly in the pasture.

We have also added another pasture and the horse walker to ur land.

Drop by and look around!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montano Island/155/185/22


~ SC-RS&S Admin




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