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Eden or Mama Allpa

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15 hours ago, SophiaGrace3 said:

Ok I'm trying to decide which to go with for the best family roleplay experience. Eden or Mama Allpa. I plan to get a funsies baby.

I haven't really got experience with either; but do you have a partner/father in mind? If so, then you two can pick whichever hud you want... or even just work out a timeline for your pregnancy on a piece of paper, no need for a hud for that. It depends what you're after.

Mama Allpa is the most widespread hud for, uh, rolling the genetic dice. So if you're looking for hookups with some risk, that's the one for you, as a decent number of guys will own the male hud. If pregnancy roleplay is the only thing you're looking for, Mama Allpa isn't bloated with stuff you don't need.

If you're looking for something to roleplay a bunch of more mundane day-to-day stuff too, then Eden might be what you want. Google tells me it's on sale now, so whichever you decide, it's gonna cost less than a t shirt anyway :)

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I would say go with Mama Allpa as my own experience with eden wasnt so good and in the end I also got the paid baby license revoked and got no refund at all of what I have spend over 20k to store because most furnitures wont work with poses and holds so you would need funsies furnitures but thats quite hard as most couples have already a home when they purchase a baby of any kind

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