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Niamh Gedenspire

For Sale - 1/4 Roadside Sim close to The Blake Sea

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A wonderful 1/4 sim for sale in Gormthoog for L$30,000.  Close to the Blake Sea and Excellent Roadside Frontage on Rt. #14.  Also, with the newest pod station  close by, the pods pass directly in front of this parcel. without crossing it, on the road.  Some abandoned land behind and beside if you wish to enlarge it.  The land is grass and sand mix.  There's also some water located at the back edge of the property.  Excellent neighbors.  Entertainments, tours, and sailing are options that are offered closeby as well.  I made a sudden decision to sell as I purchased another place and  don't need two great pieces to build on.  This parcel is excellent for  home, business, rental, and/or any combination of the three.  Priced inexpensively to sell as I wish to concentrate on building at my new place.  Will consider trade for a nice 1024 waterfront sailing parcel that  connects to The Blake Sea.  Coordinates of this piece is Gormthoog (108, 40, 34).  😊

One Fourth Sim in Gormthoog.png

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Needed to add some coordinates

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