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Seeking RP Superstars!

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 Tonal Ranch is a fully immersive wedding events and travel club experience for guests.

The backbone of our service relies on professional customer service to be successful and we are looking for long term enthusiastic staff members who enjoy being part of something a little different. Working with us will allow you to grow into various roles and develop your own RP Style. We value honesty, integrity, a sense of humor and most importantly, reliability.

We are starting to recruit now for brand new members to our team who are ready to hit the ground running!

  • Travel Agents/Reception - You know how to use your wit, customer skills and genuine nature to set people at ease and enjoy assisting customers in having the best stay possible. You do need to enjoy RP, customer service and have a sense of humor and the ability to think on your feet.
  • Dinner and Hospitality Staff - You know your food and wine and can make recommendations confidently. You enjoy RP, providing excellent service with a sense of humor and have a knack for timing ensuring you allow enough time for romance or conversation while also doing your job. 
  • General sales - you can sell ice to an ice maker and enjoy looking after the customer......for weddings, events and of course memberships.

We want you to grow with us. We fully believe in collaboration and working as a team - having fun but also serious when need be. Cross training opportunities will be available for all staff.

Interested? Apply now - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfiDXGcjaeVw1cr9w4WaRPLsl5kFYE88scM8sx-t7jMKO8lzA/viewform

We look forward to meeting with you!



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