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Hi VampIsle is Now Fully Open

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Hi Ya'll ... as I mentioned in announcements [and not supposed to mention here ????  well just once I guess ??? :) ]  my big Ass Adult SIM is finally open.  Just have to Tweak the Residential/light-Adult commercial areas for Good Boys and Bad Girl AVs and Furries I do love Furries even have a Customized Merlotte's Bar for them :) 

Lots of varied and interactive fetish items, with the main throust being sci fi vampie related and with Wrestling/catfights and lesbian action being the drift. come on by please, most of the good stuff is gratis, with the really hot stuff costing something :) 

Anyhow my 1st and only post here per the Rules, please come by and visit. Main landing point here;

WestGallery Mall

With the Main TP Station, Grand Central of VampIsle here

will help you get around PDQ 

So that's my General Announcement.  Please come on by.  Out Big final Grand Opening will be During the Week of Ukrainian Christmas.

Ukraine XMas

thanks again 

Hugs Kisses and a Little Nibble xoxoxo V--V

love Jane 

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