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Looking for A Little Princess to Adopt🌹

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Me and My Partners are looking for a little girl to RP the child I’m currently carrying in my belly, she will be born on feb 14, well first start with a Zooby and Then introduce you as a 1 year old!

We have a very strong family based RP, we protect and care for our own, you have family members on both sides that’s ready to meet you and spoil you rotten! You will be taken care of and not just money wise as a whole, we want a forever family. 

We also use a RP Hud Called : Beyou it helps us deepen the RP makes it realistic! Can show you and teach you anything you need to know. 

You will have brothers and siblings but you will be the baby ❤️

Also have to be open to customization as we want you to have certain look from each of us. 

If your interested please answer this. Or NC in World.



shiloh.davros- GodMommy

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I did this once, my child has since grown up, time moves so much faster in SL, but it was a special time being his Mom, it still is. I just hope he never decides to become a Daddy, and make me a Granny.

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