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Avalyn Valeska

Bento Sex Beds.....best ones?

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Almost all mine except for the custom wrestling mats I work on for my bots comes from Smooching Serpents and VAW.


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Sign me up for asking this question as well.

Really not so much the beds, but the animations for me. I rip all the furniture I have apart and mix the animations around from this and that... so I'd really love a source of bento XXX-animations to use in my stuff.

(I'd actually love a full-perms shop for builders, I have all the kits and knowledge I'd need to set up some great stuff for folks. People have asked me if I sell copies of things I have but the animations in them lack the perms... or I'd be setting up a shop). I'd settle for copy/no-trans and just keep enjoying in private... but I've been really been seeking a copy/trans builder's store.

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