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SL crashes computer after recent windows 7 update

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One of our Firestorm users who reported this to Malwarebytes had this reply, which sounds promising,

"This is an issue we are aware of. For some reason our latest update (Malwarebytes v2.6.1.2711) is causing Windows 7 64bit machines to freeze. Please toggle off the Real Time Web Protection module for now. A defect has been filed and it is being worked on around the clock. I am going to place this case on a hold status until we hear from the developers about the fix. I will update you as I get the information."

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I have received the fix for the Malwarebytes issue that causes SL & my computer to freeze. 

They had me go back to an older version,(mb3-setup-consumer-

turn off Automatically download and install updates 'Here is the email. 

 I deleted the file link, as I have a paid version of Malwarebytes and not sure if I should distribute the file.

Hopefully others will contact Malwarebytes and get the fix as I did.





William Rowland (Malwarebytes Support)

Jan 9, 11:39 PST

Hello Jo,

The research team has been able to isolate the issue - what they would like us to do for now is to go back to the latest version.

You can download it from here directly - (delete file)

just install it over the top of the other version and it should no longer be a problem.

For now I would like you to turn off Automatically download and install updates

Open Malwarebytes

go to settings

Go to the Application tab

Under the Application updates turn off both switches

When the fix becomes available I will reach out to you and let you know that you can update



William Rowland
Senior Malware Removal Specialist 
Technical Support Specialist


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Unfortunately, each one of us with "that" particular problem will have to contact Malwarebytes customer support and recreate the same ticket as 

DeyJaVue in order to get the link to the older version of Malwarebytes I just got of the phone with them and that's what I was just told 🙁

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I also received the "fix" (sounds more like a band-aid) for the Malwarebytes issue that causes SL & my computer to freeze. 

They had me go back to an older version too, below is my email. 

 I did not delete the file link, as I was told that without a premium Lic key the legacy version would just act like an older FREE version.

And as Jo has already stated others should probably contact Malwarebytes and get the fix as we did. I hope it helps 😛


there is also an interesting link (towards the bottom of the email) to the MBAM forum discussing this matter in more detail.





Christopher (Malwarebytes Support)

Jan 14, 12:48 PST

Hello Az,

I appreciate you reaching back out and sending me the updated logs as requested. Our Developers are aware of this issue and continue to work to resolve this.  Until that time, please follow these steps to switch back to the previous version of Malwarebytes
  • Uninstall the currently installed version of Malwarebytes for Windows. Refer to the following article.
  • Note: you will need your MBAM premium License key for the below link to work.
  • Download the setup file from the following link: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/xq78v2de2k893g1h41upzbtqmsc6t375
  • Run the downloaded setup file to install the earlier version.

  • To prevent the program from automatically updating to the latest affected version, do the following:
    • Open Malwarebytes for Windows and click Settings.
    • Ensure the Application tab is selected.
    • Under Application Updates, toggle the 'Automatically download and install application component updates' setting OFF.
  • If you wish to follow the forum discussion about the issue, you'll find that discussion here (along with your original posting):


Thank you for your continued patience with this and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Chris M. | Malwarebytes Technical Support | support.malwarebytes.com

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