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Wandering Soulstar

GIMP & Cracked Glass

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Hi All,

I need to make some cracked glass textures. GIMP (2.8) is the tool I use for textures, and where the existing panes of glass that I want to put random cracks into were made. I have looked, but not found so far, to see if there was a filter/function in GIMP that would give me a cracked glass effect .... So .. anyone out there have a suggestion for how to do this in GIMP?




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Hello there !

I would start from white background, then add a transparent layer on its top, then add some dirt :

  • Filters > Render > Noise > Plasma
  • Colours > Desaturate > Desaturate > Mode average

Then use or add some brushes from/to your Paintbrush tool : you have many googling ; I would use those, or those.

Optional : colorize a bit ; maybe a kind of brown ? (Html 2e2609 for me)

Then play with the opacity till it fits your expectation (I choose 50 %), remove the white layer and export to .png


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