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SL Mesh Men are a Bunch of Hotties!

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4 minutes ago, Drake1 Nightfire said:

I'm going to have to give @FairreLilette a little slack here.. Have you actually read the notecards that come with mesh heads/bodies? They have little to no info in them on how anything actually works. You have to join their group, if they have one, and even then most of the members are like the ones that have responded here. Most of what was said here to her was very pretentious. Responding as if she should know the inner workings of a mesh body just because they bought it. 

At least Skell posted pictures of the hud and how to turn off the shine.. 

I beleive I did. We were actually trying to help her to understand and to explain exactly the same as Skell showed on the picture of himself:  that its not matter of skins, but setting of the head. And - for OP unwanted - "white line above lip" will remain despite perfectly natural (not shiny skin) as long as OP won't manage in the first step turn it off in the head HUD. Maybe you didn't read all we said? I dare to say you didn't if you though it was about bodies.

I recommended OP to learn more, to watch videos and to ask for help =  nobody expected or asked OP to know everything today, right here and now, that was not the point at all. All that was about to learn and to have better understanding how things work before OP will make conclusions about female skins being worse than male skins (and about female fashion of some specific style not being available... etc). All the convo was about not blaming SL creators for making bad stuff - or not making enough stuff (for females) as long as one doesn't have deeper understanding of the situation. It was the main point since very beginning. The rest was "side effect" - showing OP that what she did judge as bad, its not so bad, its just her not understanding how it works.



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   I never much cared for Aesthetic - my first mesh body was the Signature Gianni, and now I go between that and Signature Geralt. It appears as if many creators don't bother even rigging for Aesthetic when I look around events for apparel and accessories - and then we've got a clique of creators who only rig for Aesthetic (and those I've come across haven't really had a style that appeals to me).

   Never spotted an avatar that I felt was strikingly resembling of my own either - sure, I've spotted people who've got the same beard and hair, but using a head that isn't as popular as others of the same brand (Catwa), having made my own shape completely from scratch, using a pretty niche skin and using appliers for scars and makeup - you can get yourself your very own look if you put your mind to it. As for fashion, well - the options are pretty slim, and again I ere to a pretty niche style most of the time, where I certainly come across people who wear the same brands but rarely the exact same product. 

   I'm much too lazy to do a new shoot right at this moment, but here's a fairly recent shot of my avatar - I've since taken down the muscles quite a bit, especially at the arms:

I Can Make You A Man


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3 hours ago, loverdag said:

We told you. We showed you pictures (Angelina showed herself in other light without the "white line"). We explained to you that you need turn it off on the mesh, because its not skin.



I am sorry, but I disagree.  To me, Angelina still has a bit of a line there albeit it's paler in color as do a lot of the female skins.  It's not white, but it's a pale line.  

I'd rather have the reverse and have a lip painted with a bit of a subtle lip liner on the lip itself rather than the palish color at the top of the lip.  What I am saying is more like a bit darkness at the top of the lip rather than adding any pale line there.  

There is no harm in putting my opinion out there.  There are all kinds of avatars welcome here, and I was putting my desires out there as someone may understand and know what I am talking about and perhaps want to design some more natural, less air-brushed type of skins for women. 

And, then I go to Google Images, and most if not all of the photos of the women look like the two photos below.

I think the creator's should put up a photo of showing with gloss and without gloss so you can see before buying.  I like the shape of the mouth in the photo of the 1st female avatar.  

But, onto other questions and concerns, so I need to find a head with the basic lip I actually want.  Because many of these lips on mesh heads do not modify well.  And, I didn't know that.  

Oh, and on the photo of the man...no pale line.  That's more of what I want am looking for.  





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I've never been a fan of the Aesthetic body myself, using Signature Gianni instead, it's not that it has too much muscle, because the muscle is realistically achievable with the training and diet required to achieve it. The Aesthetic body is a 'bodybuilder' type of build, it's not uniform strength, it's all upper body bulk, and I prefer the former to the latter. Also, the skin is like syran-wrap, it clings tightly to the body and you only see that kind of definition at body-building competitions where the contestants are dehydrated and at their weakest to make their muscles as defined as possible since judges factor that into their scores. Those things are basically what drives me away from it, but I won't stop anyone from using it and enjoying it, as everyone can use SL the way they please.

When it come to clothing options, they're slim, given women are the majority of the market when it comes to clothes, they have a greater range of outfits to choose from, but I can understand the struggle there too given many are as revealing as possible, so winter-wear is difficult to come by. Also, many hair styles are unisex, so both genders have a wide range to choose from, but it depends on the look you're going for, myself not included however, being a guy who likes ballcaps, hair doesn't play too well.

Biggest issue I see for men is facial hair options in the form of beards, full beards, not the ones that are simple texture layers, as many of the good ones are 'hipster' styled, which I'm not a fan of. And it's even worse looking for something bento-enabled. I don't want a curly waxed mustache, I want rugged and natural looking, and such a thing is almost nonexistent. So I currently use a non-bento beard and have bento animations off just to have the look I want.

I took this picture just moments ago since I almost never have my whole face showing on my Flickr images, shows the beard style I'm talking about mainly, which I'm still micro-adjusting since it doesn't play well with my upper lip.


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On 12/14/2018 at 6:54 PM, Callum Meriman said:

You did well :) 

  • 8:1 body
  • shoulders same as head
  • Your hips are a little narrow - although this is an ideal for Aesthetic - and they are not overly narrow. It's artistic.
  • Your arms are really short, I'd say 1 head too short in fact, but it needs a proper prim measurement.
  • Your hands and feet look like they could be correctly sized too, although I can't see 100% to be sure.

I guess, he is ~240 centimeters (7'11") measured with a prim?

Here's an amusing guide to vertical body proportions.




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On 12/15/2018 at 3:48 PM, FairreLilette said:

I think I mentioned, I found an YS & YS skin I like for a good cupid's bow...but in the photo I will show it's tone 2 and then tone 1 may as well be vampire it's almost pure white.  I still like the skin though but need a lighter skin to make an Angel and have the skin reflect a little...so I understand a little about reflection but am just starting.  Started SL photography about three weeks ago.  Am newbie there too.

YS&YS have a "tone 0" skin that fits between 1 and 2 in the lightness scale, try checking that out. They added the skin after the main batch, precisely because the jump from 1 to 2 was so large. They didn't want to rename the existing skins, as that would just cause more confusion with existing customers. Perhaps Tone 1.5 would have made more sense?


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