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[ GLOW ] | Chill and Dance party! Feat. DJ: Steamray Host: Jesse 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM SLT

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[ GLOW ] Indie Bar & Lounge's:


Chill and Dance party! Feat. DJ: Steamray Host: Jesse


DJ: Steamray


Host: Jesse


Genre: Alternative Chilled out remixes of Hits, RnB, Dance and more!


Our lovely funny pair DJ Steamray and Host Jesse invite you down to the club at Glow this evening, for a relaxing dance themed party! How are you going to relax with us tonight? You gonna get on the dance floor and take in the atmosphere from the DJs blasted Chilled Vibes? Hang out at the nice and warm pool with your friends, maybe even play some beer pong before you get onto the dance floor? Show us how you're gonna have fun with us tonight!



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