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good moring everyone

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hey guys  im using a dell 5547 and i was using windows 7 for a while and didnt upgraded to windows 10 cause there was a bug cpu,ram and harddisk usage leakage on it ..so now i have a fresh windows 10 install and i downloaded the 32 of firestorm and my texture memory setting its capped at 512mb for some reason and i dont have the 700mb or 1gb or exceed that 512mb limit anyreason why and im allways having a no texture loaded due insufficient texture memory bull*****  on my bottom right screen and its not my display settings thats affecting that i doubled checked that


cpu : Intel(R)  core(TM) i7 4th gen 4510u (2.00ghz , 3.10ghz turbo)

igpu: Intel HD graphic familly (4400) (2GB)

gpu: AMD R7 M265 (adrenalin driver) (2GB)

ram: Samgsung 2400mhz (8 GB)

hhd : Seagate ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB (1TB,5400RPM)


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It is deliberately designed that way. Please remember your GPU needs other memory too aside the one dedicated to textures...

AFAIK Firestorm viewer has an upper limit of 2GB - mine runs with a limit around 1.2GB now on a 4GB RAM GPU. You have 2GB of GPU RAM I would not reccomend you to raise the limit over 50% of total available RAM in the GPU (just a guess though I never measured texture to other RAM use ratio). If you stuff too much into the GPU it will begin swapping memory in and out and you end up getting slower.

Below is a link with reccomend 3rd party viewers (Access software for SL), some will have higher texture limits than 512MB:


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The 32bit builds of Firestorm have their texture memory clamped at 512MB, you can't set it higher no matter how much memory your graphics card has..
32bit viewers are memory limited & reserving more then 512MB for texture memory is going to lead to frequent out of memory crashes.
If your Windows 10 is 64bit, get the 64bit version of Firestorm.

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