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Looking for a medium/long term romantic relationship

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Dear SL community,

Sometimes you are having too much fun in SL but somehow you feel you are lacking something. I have been for a couple of years and meet with incredible people. However I think I am ready now to try to settle into a SL more stable relationship. Don't get me wrong! I like to have fun with close friends and random people, but now I feel I look forward to build something. A longer story, a longer memory that last in my RL as well.

In summary build a story (fantasy or modern life) which involves to have a family, more friends, and to spice things close and intimate encounters full of passion and desire. This might mean to discuss limits and personal preferences, so far I am ok with Dom/sub, slave/pet, bdsm, collar/leash and so on. I have a lot of experience on fantasy RP as well. Not too sure about death, blood, dolcett and so on. And definitely not into *****.

Above all keep evolving the story and found out our limits together. Give it all together in SL and have priority. I found out that our most precious asset is time. So I want to spend it with the right person.

The only requirement is that you can articulate in English or Spanish, at least show that you care about your avatar, meaning not noob avatars. I understand diversity is welcome and I also have friends from different preferences, however for the role I am posting here I am thinking in a straight female - I don't mind if here and there  she wants to explore other preferences-, but straight in her core.

In case you feel the same and willing to adventure in a journey like this, please reply to my post or drop an IM In World: "camep.resident"



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