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Recurring things in Second Life

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2 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

And, although (again) I don't for a minute doubt you when you say that you aren't here for social interactions, and don't care that much about your appearance, you do seem to have a rather nice-looking avatar, and decided, for whatever reason, to picture it here. There was presumably a reason for you to do that, even if it didn't require a great deal of effort.

I'm emphatically not accusing you of hypocrisy or falsehood, but I think it does suggest that my generalization operates on a number of levels, and not just with regard to people going to clubs or social venues.

The avatar was a project ... after reading about the fun of working with mesh bodies in the forums I figured I'd try it. My female alt got a body first (the selection for guys wasn't so hot at the time), then I got one. I ended up with two hairs that I wasn't terribly fond of because that's what was available and my prim hair was incredibly expensive in terms of complexity. Anyway, I still have the system head & it's likely to stay that way. I'd taken pictures with standard me and with a Cthulhu head for a post awhile ago. I wanted to use the Cthulhu head for the forum picture but wasn't having much luck fitting it into the tight space, so I used the normal-looking picture. I've been too lazy to come up with another. I have mostly non-human avatars, but they tend to put the nonprofit people off for some reason (especially the snake avatar), so I end up human. Ah, Maddy just posted. Yes, I have the male version of the little devil avatar. I wasn't about to give her one without a way to fight back.

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7 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

...pours gas on the fire by noting that her li'l devil avatar was a gift from... Par.

Though I don't think he put a great deal of effort into getting that avatar for me (he has the boy version), he certainly cared enough to do so.

Curiously enough, my favorite outfit for my human Maddy avatar was a gift from... Dillon, who also cared enough to gift something I truly like.

Well, it seems to me that the fact that two characteristic aspects of your "look," or your visual identity, were gifted from others, and treasured the more for that reason, is entirely consistent with who I know you to be -- someone who cares a great deal about her friends, and who defines herself, to some degree, by her relationship with others.

10 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

I find both of Void's avatars to be fully consistent with who I knew her to be.

I don't think I ever met Void in-world. For me, she will always be her forum avatar . . . which was, I think, a shot of the one in this pic. Except more mysterious and even a little scary.

11 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

I think you'd agree that both are consistent with the me you know.

Yep. At any one time, I see in you a mix of both of these . . . the exact proportions depending, I suppose, upon your mood, and how handy the matches are.

None of us is one-dimensional; maybe the best virtual embodiments are a bit kaleidoscopic and hint at different aspects of ourselves, when viewed from different angles.

That's probably why I own so many different hair styles.

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15 hours ago, Callum Meriman said:

These statements saying "go away unless you are mesh" get my goat, and they always will. My response will always be the same "stop being a shallow arse, you just show up your own faults"

You know, at first thought I was in agreement with this position.  But on second thought, maybe some people put this in their profile because they are tired of being hit on by day old newbie horndogs.  After investing ten or twenty thousand $L in one's appearance, getting corny come-ons from these guys can be really annoying, and I can't blame a person for thinking, "Hey, I went to a lot of trouble to look this good.  You go do the same, and THEN maybe we'll talk."

I don't agree with that sentiment, but that's most likely because I'm in the business of helping newcomers.

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2 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

But on second thought, maybe some people put this in their profile because they are tired of being hit on by day old newbie horndogs. 

One of my favorite quotes from a guy, like 200 years ago (I don't have the time to look up his name, but happy to if anyone cares) is this:

"You cannot plan the future based on events of the past."

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4 hours ago, janetosilio said:

And here I thought this was a pet peeve thread....


How about a pet Steve instead? 


Meet Stevie, a Garter we found at my mom's one day that was hurt. She came home with us, we cleaned her up and gave her  comfy new home, and she thrived until the following Summer when we released her. She lived in our yard for years before finally either A-dying, or B-relocating, even had quite a few offspring in our yard.

This was her release date, she came back out form where I had put her to follow me around for a while :) 

She was such a sweetheart, it was sad the day she stopped coming around to say hi and curl around my feet...sigh

Ok, back to peeves...

It drives me bonkers when people take themselves, and everything else, everyone else way too seriously. Like, it's ok to have bad moments, days, weeks, hell months or years if you're so inclined(I'm sure summed up we all have) when you're just down in the dumps, everything(ok most things) annoy(s) you. But it's perfectly okay to turn a bad situation into one that at least makes you smile, better still if you can make yourself laugh. Sometimes others may try to help you smile, laugh, or even just think about something else. The assumption that there are nefarious purposes for that kind of action is also a peeve of mine- it'll serve people better to not automatically make those assumptions. We all have those "duh" moments in sl, and those coupled with expectations of functionality(ie, what people want things/others to do, does not coincide with what they *actually do, lol) can get people so dang flustered. People get REALLY flustered about a lot of things, especially so in sl, and it can sour an experience for others. 

Take a breather, step back, try to find SOMETHING to smile or laugh about, and you'll probably be able to bring yourself back to center, whatever your center is. If that's not working, sometimes we have to slap our own hands and put ourselves in timeout, and by that, I mean  log out for a bit. I don't take that kind of instruction lightly, it's not my go to, I don't recommend it  because I'm simply being a jerk and telling someone "GTFO". I'm advising them, for their own sake, to find something else to focus on for a wee bit.  It helps more than it hurts...though it's usually met with animosity. 



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