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Take a word leave a word (game)

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31 minutes ago, ananoelle said:

Ok im lost and stack heap collision werent err..... @CoffeeDujour you have a way with words please explain lol 

be brief as its waay off topic .. when scripting in SL you have a fixed block of space. your code goes at one end, the data at the other, and both grow towards the middle. If one ever gets so big it hits the other .. the stack (code) and heap (data) have collided .. and your script has crashed.


Welcome Back

Shell Back

Lookin Back




Back Together <---- from here

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8 hours ago, ananoelle said:

How is blue suede shoes two words? Also where did that even pop up from. @Madelaine McMasters two words were looking back. 

You aren't the only one to be confused by my posts, Ananoelle, But I'm an ornery narcissist and will likely continue trying to bend you all to my will. Like it or not, I find it more amusing to find songs with two word titles, constrained to the ragtime and blues genres, which are approximate bookends on the emotional spectrum, and give me the opportunity to make increasingly educated guesses as to which genre is more likely to produce a tune title containing the one word I keep from the previous post. As Alyona observes, I'm lazy. So, after entertaining myself searching for the perfect tune, I've no motivation left to explain which word in the YouTube title is the keeper, and which is the replacement.

I'm posting song titles, so you may presume I don't intend anyone to use "rag", "blues", composer or musician names or any other extraneous information found in the YouTube title. When I started doing this in the thread, I used tunes like "Tiger Rag", which forced the overuse of "rag" and quickly annoyed me (if not the rest of you). I try to avoid such tunes now, but I can't promise I won't slip one in if it tickles my fancy down the road. I quite enjoy parsing others' posts in which I have to locate the two word phrase they intend, and I like seeing images that illustrate or color the phrases. Not everyone can see the videos we post, so it's good form to ensure that the YouTube title (which is visible, even if the video can't be shown) contains the two word phrase. Not everyone can see static images we post either, so it's also good form to post text in addition to those (even though that sometimes dampens the joy I get from deciphering the image).

You are free, of course, to ignore this explanation and select any word you wish from whatever you perceive in whatever I post. And you are free to shake your fists at me in frustration for making your life difficult. Do understand though that making life difficult for others is my purpose in life, and any job worth doing is worth doing well.


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I was recently in the check out line behind a mother and her toddler daughter, who was sporting braids far more intricate than those shown above, and with tiny bows. I asked Mom "How long did it take for you to do all those braids?!"

She replied "A loooovely long time."

I'd never thought of this before, but I remember how much I loved having Mom brush my hair when I was young, and how I watched Dad brush Mom's hair through the years. From now on, I'll see such complex children's hairdos in a loooovely new light.

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