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This is an aside, from six years before "Carrie Anne"... Oh my, they look so clean cut. And I can't actually understand a word they're singing, except Louie Louie. I missed those days.

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20 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

Kitty Carlisle

Am I really old enough to remember?

I was hoping you'd get this, so I could post my favorite rag of all...

This is a repeat, but I don't care. Kitty Carlisle popped up in the YouTube right sidebar back around the first time I posted this rag, which I think followed your "Miss Kitty". I got pre-empted the first time, so this is the first "proper" use of Demon Kitty Rag.

ETA: I knew the name "Kitty Carlisle" but wasn't sure where from. I imagine I'd seen reruns of "What's My Line" or "To Tell The Truth" on the oldies channel in the engineering school lounge, though the first time I ever saw her would have been in the 1970s while watching "A Day at the Races" out in the barn.

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