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Roxzi Ravenheart

Neighbor Bully

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11 hours ago, LolaSirena said:

Great suggestions! Nothing overlaps however I make sure to build with borderlines that tell me where to not go pass with prims that overlap like trees commonly do. This sim also isnt a water region and her parcel faces the end of the region with no other attached. The beach and rocks are actually off sim decor.

I listed all the items used on my blog post if you would like to purchase them! 


Ok that's good then. She should be safe. That said I had a mesh wall I liked that a neighbor managed to repeatedly return on me despite my measuring it as inside my plot. Something in the bounding box or whatever must have been larger than it appeared on screen - a problem that used to be common with sculpty but that I had never seen in mesh before that one wall.

Oh and, they can't return the offsim, only a linden can do that. Some people use that fact to purposefully grief people if they think the lindens might take forever to respond to an AR... though that's super rare. But... if the offsim vanishes, don't put it back. :) However lindens almost never zap offsim stuff unless it's violating some other rule... (as in... I've actually never seen or heard of them zapping offsim stuff, but I can imagine reasons why they might).

Oh and I think I'll check your blog. Thanks. :)

9 hours ago, CoffeeDujour said:

Oh damn ... that is one gorgeous build. The walls really help make it feel like a "slice of bliss"

It really is an amazing example of making lemonade when somebody else tries to toss you lemons. :P


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On 12/30/2018 at 10:23 AM, Roxzi Ravenheart said:

Hi All.. update.. I met a lovely lady Lola who offered to come and fix the land so that my friends couldn't see the ugliness around my land.. shes amazing.. check out the picture to see what she did for me!!  I have been in sl quite some time now.. and I am so glad I found this forum.. y'all are amazing! xoxox HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Key Largo.jpg

Very nice job! Love the tree and you hardly notice your dippy jerk neighbor anymore and I bet it really pissed them off that your deco is far superior than theirs even after their attempts to ruin your land :) Good job!!!

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